General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 180 Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes - Section 11 Dissolution; non-charitable corporation

Section 11. A corporation which does not constitute a public charity and which desires to close its affairs may, unless otherwise provided in its articles of organization, by the vote of a majority of its members legally qualified to vote in meetings of the corporation, authorize a petition for its dissolution to be filed in the supreme judicial or superior court setting forth in substance the grounds of the application; and after such notice as the court may order and after hearing, the court may decree a dissolution of the corporation. Upon any dissolution in accordance with this chapter, the existence of the corporation shall cease, subject to applicable provisions of law for continuation to close its affairs, for the appointment of receivers and for revival.

Upon dissolution of a corporation in accordance with this chapter, the clerk of the court in which the decree therefor is entered shall forthwith make return thereof to the state secretary giving the name of the corporation and the date upon which such decree was entered. The state secretary shall thereupon notify the person shown by his records to have last served as clerk of the corporation of the entry of such decree and the date thereof.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015