General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 180 Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes - Section 11B Dissolution; involuntary; failure of charitable corporation to file annual financial reports

Section 11B. If any charitable corporation described in section eleven A fails to comply for two consecutive years with the provisions of section eight F of chapter twelve requiring the filing of annual financial reports with the office of the attorney general, or if the attorney general is satisfied that such corporation has become inactive and that its dissolution would be in the public interest, the attorney general may petition the supreme judicial court for the dissolution of such corporation, requesting the court to authorize the administration of its funds for such similar public charitable purposes as the court may determine, and the court, after notice by mail or otherwise as it may order, may dissolve such corporation. The attorney general may include as many corporations in a single application as he deems fit, and the court may include in its decree any or all of said corporations. The clerk of the supreme judicial court shall submit to the commissioner of revenue a list of corporations so dissolved.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015