General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 23K The Massachusetts Gaming Commission Se Fee or Tax; Penalties. - Section 1 Findings and declaration

Section 1. The General Court finds and declares that:

(1) ensuring public confidence in the integrity of the gaming licensing process and in the strict oversight of all gaming establishments through a rigorous regulatory scheme is the paramount policy objective of this chapter;

(2) establishing the financial stability and integrity of gaming licensees, as well as the integrity of their sources of financing, is an integral and essential element of the regulation and control of gaming under this chapter;

(3) gaming licensees shall be held to the highest standards of licensing and shall have a continuing duty to maintain their integrity and financial stability;

(4) enhancing and supporting the performance of the state lottery and continuing the commonwealth’s dedication to local aid is imperative to the policy objectives of this chapter;

(5) the commonwealth must provide for new employment opportunities in all sectors of the economy, particularly opportunities for the unemployed, and shall preserve jobs in existing industries in the commonwealth; this chapter sets forth a robust licensing process whereby an applicant for a gaming license shall submit a comprehensive plan for operating a gaming establishment which includes how the applicant will foster and encourage new construction through capital investment and provide permanent employment opportunities to residents of the commonwealth;

(6) promoting local small businesses and the tourism industry, including the development of new and existing small business and tourism amenities such as lodging, dining, retail and cultural and social facilities, is fundamental to the policy objectives of this chapter;

(7) recognizing the importance of the commonwealth’s unique cultural and social resources and integrating them into new development opportunities shall be a key component of a decision to the award of any gaming license under this chapter;

(8) applicants for gaming licenses and gaming licensees shall demonstrate their commitment to efforts to combat compulsive gambling and a dedication to community mitigation, and shall recognize that the privilege of licensure bears a responsibility to identify, address and minimize any potential negative consequences of their business operations;

(9) any license awarded by the commission shall be a revocable privilege and may be conditioned, suspended or revoked upon: (i) a breach of the conditions of licensure, including failure to complete any phase of construction of the gaming establishment or any promises made to the commonwealth in return for receiving a gaming license; (ii) any civil or criminal violations of the laws of the commonwealth or other jurisdictions; or (iii) a finding by the commission that a gaming licensee is unsuitable to operate a gaming establishment or perform the duties of their licensed position; and

(10) the power and authority granted to the commission shall be construed as broadly as necessary for the implementation, administration and enforcement of this chapter.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015