General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 266 Crimes Against Property - Section 53 Bank officers or employees; prosecution for fraud or embezzlement; evidence

Section 53. In prosecutions for such crimes, the fraudulent taking or receiving by any person of bullion, money, notes, bills or other security for money which belongs to such bank, by reason of an unlawful confederacy or agreement between him and an officer of said bank or any person in the employment thereof, with intent to defraud the same, shall be deemed to be a fraudulent taking by such officer or person in the employment of the bank to his own use, within the meaning of the preceding section; and it shall not be necessary, upon the trial, to identify the particular bullion, money, note, bill or security for money which is so taken or received. Upon the trial of the crime of embezzling, fraudulently converting or fraudulently taking and secreting, with intent so to embezzle or convert, the bullion, money, notes, bank notes, checks, drafts, bills of exchange, obligations or other securities for money of any person, bank, corporation, partnership, county, city or town by a cashier or other officer, clerk, agent or servant of such person, bank, corporation, partnership, county, city or town, evidence may be given of any such embezzlement, fraudulent conversion or taking with such intent committed within six months after the time stated in the indictment.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015