General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 60 Collection of Local Taxes - Section 37A Sales, etc., that cannot be legally made; statements by collectors

Section 37A. If at any time while a lien established by section thirty-seven of this chapter or under chapter eighty or chapter eighty-three is in force, a sale or taking cannot in the opinion of the collector be legally made because of any federal or state law or because of any injunction or other action of, or proceeding in, any federal or state court or because of the action of any administrative body, the collector may file with the register of deeds for record or registration, as the case may be, a statement reciting that the statement is filed pursuant to this section to continue, until abatement or payment, the lien for a tax or assessment in an amount stated, which need not include accrued interest and costs, assessed for a year or on a date specified to a person or persons named upon an estate described. The statement shall also recite the reason why, in the opinion of the collector, a sale or taking cannot then be legally made; but any error or omission in the recitation of such reason shall not affect the validity of such statement. The filing of such statement for record or registration shall operate to extend the time within which a sale or taking may lawfully be made by continuing until payment or abatement of the lien for such tax or assessment and all assessments or portions thereof, rates and charges of every nature which have been added to or become a part thereof; but the filing of such statement shall not discharge the collector from liability upon his bond for failure to collect such tax, assessment or portion thereof, rate or charge, and the collector shall proceed to sell or take the land within six months after he first gets notice that the disability has been removed. The collector at any time may, and upon the payment or abatement of the tax to which such statement relates shall, file a renunciation of all rights under such statement; and the provisions relative to the recordation of such statement shall apply to the recordation of such renunciation.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015