General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 60 Collection of Local Taxes - Section 65 Rights of redemption; petition for foreclosure; legal fees

Section 65. Except as provided in section sixty-two, whoever then holds the title to land acquired by a sale or taking for taxes may bring a petition in the land court for the foreclosure of all rights of redemption of said land either after six months from the sale or taking, or in case of a city or town, at any time following the sale or taking if the buildings thereon have been found to be abandoned property pursuant to section eighty-one A, or there has been a certification pursuant to section 81B that the redemption amount as determined pursuant to section 62 exceeds the assessed value of the parcel; provided, however, a petition for the foreclosure of all rights of redemption may be filed at any time following the consent in writing of the record owner. Such petition shall be made in the form to be prescribed by said court and shall set forth a description of the land to which it applies, with its assessed valuation, the petitioner’s source of title, giving a reference to the place, book and page of record, and such other facts as may be necessary for the information of the court. Two or more parcels of land may be included in any petition brought by a town, whether under a taking or as purchaser of such title or titles, if such parcels are in the same record ownership at the time of bringing such petition. The land court in each petition filed by a city or town may, upon motion, order the payment of legal fees to a city or town, which amount shall be added to the tax title account of the land to which the right of redemption is being foreclosed; in no event shall the legal fees awarded exceed the actual costs incurred and the judge shall consider the taxpayer’s ability to pay said fees in any such fee award.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015