General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 74A Independent Agricultural and Technical Schools - Section 1 Independent agricultural and technical institutes; public high schools; board of education; trustees

[Text of section effective until July 1 preceding the opening of the Essex North Shore agricultural and technical school. Repealed by 2004, 463, Sec. 1. See 2004, 463, Sec. 18 as amended by 2010, 130, Sec. 7.]

Section 1. Independent agricultural and technical institutes shall be public high schools operated pursuant to this chapter. The schools shall not be subject to section 89 of chapter 71. The schools shall operate under the general supervision of the department of education and operate independently of any municipality or school committee, and shall be managed by a board of trustees. Each school shall be a body politic and corporate with all powers and duties conferred by law upon regional school districts to the extent that such powers and duties are not inconsistent with this chapter.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015