General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 74A Independent Agricultural and Technical Schools - Section 8 Annual school report listing city or town of residence of each enrolled student; notification of cities and towns of respective assessments

[Text of section effective until July 1 preceding the opening of the Essex North Shore agricultural and technical school. Repealed by 2004, 463, Sec. 1. See 2004, 463, Sec. 18 as amended by 2010, 130, Sec. 7.]

Section 8. A school shall annually report to the commissioner of education, in conjunction with its foundation enrollment reporting pursuant to chapter 70, the city or town of residence of each student so enrolled. Notwithstanding section 27C of chapter 29, the commissioner of education shall allocate the following year’s tuition assessment among the various cities and towns in proportion to such enrollment and shall notify each city and town of its respective assessment not later than 120 days prior to the start of the fiscal year. Each tuition assessment shall be deducted from the quarterly distributions of chapter 70 aid payable to such city or town or, if such assessment exceeds the amount of chapter 70 aid payable, it shall be deducted from any other state aid payable to such city or town. The total of all tuition assessments shall be paid each quarter to each school.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015