General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 74A Independent Agricultural and Technical Schools - Section 22 Post-secondary programs offered by the Essex Independent Agricultural and Technical Institute

[Text of section effective until July 1 preceding the opening of the Essex North Shore agricultural and technical school. Repealed by 2004, 463, Sec. 1. See 2004, 463, Sec. 18 as amended by 2010, 130, Sec. 7.]

Section 22. All post-secondary programs offered by the Essex Independent Agricultural and Technical Institute shall be transferred to the administration of North Shore Community College. Not later than July 31, 2000, the board of trustees of said institute and said college shall, in consultation with the secretary of administration and finance, enter into a cooperative agreement with said college regarding the use of school facilities for continued operation of such post-secondary programs on the campus of said institute; provided, however, that the assets of the institute that are associated with the program shall be available at no cost to the college. Any employees of said institute who are employed exclusively for post-secondary education shall be transferred pursuant to chapter 34B and become employees of said community college. Tuitions paid for said associate degree program shall be collected by said community college. Employees who are transferred to and become employees of said community college pursuant to this section shall suffer no interruption of service, no impairment of retirement rights and no reduction in rate of compensation or salary grade. Said employees shall be public employees for purposes of section 1 of chapter 150E, subject to the definitions contained therein. Employees in a post-secondary program transferred to said community college pursuant to this provision, who hold professional staff or faculty positions, shall become members of the faculty or professional staff bargaining unit and shall be represented for collective bargaining purposes by the employee organization that represents such unit until such time as the employees in that bargaining unit elect to alter such representation in accordance with said chapter 150E. Such employees shall be eligible for all rights and benefits available to similarly situated employees of said community college, provided that for the purpose of eligibility for any rights or benefits, all years of service provided in a post-secondary program at the Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute shall be considered as years of service rendered at North Shore community college.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015