General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 83 Sewers, Drains and Sidewalks - Section 16B Effective date of sewer charge lien; termination; methods of collection and enforcement of rate or charge

Section 16B. Such lien shall take effect by operation of law on the day immediately following the due date of such rate or charge, and, unless dissolved by payment or abatement, shall continue until such rate or charge has been added to or committed as a tax under section sixteen C, and thereafter, unless so dissolved, shall continue as provided in section thirty-seven of chapter sixty; provided, however, that if any such rate or charge is not added to or committed as a tax under section sixteen C for the next fiscal year commencing after the inception of the lien under this section, then said lien shall terminate on October first of the third year following the year in which such charge becomes due.

Notwithstanding such lien any such overdue rate or charge may be collected through any legal means, including the shutting off of a sewer connection, which may be deemed advisable; provided, that after the termination of such a lien, no city, town or sewer district shall attempt to enforce, by shutting off the sewer connection, collection of such rate or charge from any person, not liable therefor, who has succeeded to the title or interest of the person incurring such rate or charge. All such rates and charges excluded by court decree under section seventy-six B of chapter sixty shall, to the extent that they were properly chargeable to the person owning, or to the tenant occupying, the premises for which such rates and charges were incurred, be recoverable from such person or tenant, as the case may be, in an action of contract or otherwise. If at the time of the entry of such decree such person or tenant is still the owner or tenant of the premises, whether through redemption or otherwise, such rates and charges to the extent that they were properly chargeable to him, may be enforced in any other manner provided or available for collection and enforcement of sewer connection rates and charges.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015