General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 83 Sewers, Drains and Sidewalks - Section 16G Deferral of charges

Section 16G. In a city, town or district which accepts the provisions of this section, the board responsible for assessing charges for the use of the common sewers under section sixteen of chapter eighty-three or any other provision of law, shall, upon the application of the owner of the real property served by the common sewers, if such owner is receiving an exemption from property taxes under clause Forty-first A of section five of chapter fifty-nine with respect to such property, defer charges for said use of the common sewers. An application for deferral may be filed with said board within the time limit established for the filing of an application for exemption under said clause Forty-first A.

The board that imposes such charges shall notify the board of assessors of any deferral granted under the provisions of this section, and shall annually thereafter notify said board of assessors of any unpaid sewer charges to be added to the tax bill. Such charges shall be committed by the assessors along with the real estate taxes for each fiscal year, and abated along with such taxes, and secured by the statement of lien executed pursuant to said clause Forty-first A. Upon such qualification for deferral, no further application under this section need be filed in order to qualify for deferral of sewer charges in subsequent years. No additional notice or statement of lien need be recorded or registered with respect to such deferred sewer use charges, but the amount of such deferred charges shall be listed on any certificate of liens issued under section twenty-three, twenty-three A or twenty-three B of chapter sixty. Whenever a person who has received an exemption under said clause Forty-first A is no longer eligible for such exemption, the board of assessors shall cease deferring sewer use charges added to the tax bill, and shall notify the board responsible for the assessment of such charges of the discontinuance of such deferral of said charges.

Interest shall be charged upon deferred sewer use charges at the same rate as interest on taxes deferred under said clause Forty-first A. The deferred charges, together with accrued interest shall be due and collectible at the same time and upon the same terms and conditions as taxes deferred under said clause Forty-first A.

The amount of sewer use charges deferred under this section, plus accrued interest, shall not be used in determining whether a taxpayer continues to be eligible for exemption under said clause Forty-first A.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015