General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 98 Weights and Measures - Section 14A Glass bottle or jars for lubricating oil; quality; capacity; sealing; revocation of authority; false or insufficient measure; inspection of bottles or jars

Section 14A. Glass bottles or jars intended to be used in the sale of lubricating oil shall be made of clear, uncolored glass and shall be manufactured only in the following capacities: one gallon, two quarts, one quart, or one pint, Massachusetts standard liquid measure. Each bottle or jar shall have its capacity clearly blown in the glass and shall be sealed by the manufacturer thereof, as hereinafter provided, or by a sealer of the town where the user resides or has a usual place of business. The deputy director shall prescribe regulations, including specifications and tolerances, governing the sealing of such bottles or jars by the manufacturer and may authorize such sealing by any manufacturer upon his written agreement to comply with such regulations. The deputy director may at any time, for cause, revoke the authority so given by him to any manufacturer. When sealed by the manufacturer, such bottles or jars shall have clearly blown therein his name, initials or trade mark, and any other designating marks which the deputy director may authorize or require. The sealing of such bottles or jars by the manufacturer shall not exempt the user from the laws relating to the giving of false or insufficient measure, the using of a false measure, or having in his possession a false measure with intent to use. Sealers of the town where the user resides or has a usual place of business shall at least annually inspect bottles or jars marked and sealed in accordance with this section and shall make a record of such inspections. When once sealed as herein required, such bottles and jars need not again be sealed while in the same condition as when first sealed.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015