General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 98 Weights and Measures - Section 15 Glass bottles or jars for milk or cream; capacity; sealing; designating mark; false measure; revocation of authority

Section 15. Glass bottles or jars used for the sale of milk or cream to the consumer shall be of the capacity of one gallon, a multiple of the gallon, or a binary submultiple of the gallon. Dealers in milk or cream using glass bottles or jars for the distribution of milk or cream to consumers, not sealed by the manufacturer, shall bring them into the office of the sealer in their town, to be sealed; but no fee shall be charged or received for sealing them. If a bottle or jar has once been sealed by a sealer or manufacturer, it need not be sealed again while used for the distribution of milk or cream to consumers. Glass bottles or jars sealed hereunder shall be legal measures only for the distribution of milk or cream to consumers. Bottles or jars sealed by the manufacturer shall be marked with his name, initials, or trade mark, and by any other mark required by the deputy director. The sealing of such bottles or jars by the manufacturer shall not affect any law relating to the giving of false measure or the using, or having in possession, of false measures with intent to use the same. The deputy director, on approval by the director of consumer affairs and business regulation, may revoke the authority given by him to any manufacturer under this section, on proof that the authorized seal or designating mark has been affixed to any bottle or jar not conforming to the respective capacities provided for in this section.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015