General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 98 Weights and Measures - Section 22 Paper or fibre cartons for sale of viscous or semi-solid commodities; capacity; shape; dimensions; markings

Section 22. Paper or fibre cartons which are used for the sale by measure of viscous or semi-solid commodities or mixtures of solids and liquids shall contain and shall be sold as containing one gill, one half pint, one pint, one quart, two quarts, one gallon, two and one half gallons, three and one half gallons, and multiples of the gallon, Massachusetts standard liquid measure. Such cartons shall be of such shape and dimensions as may be approved by the deputy director. Whenever the shape and dimensions of any such carton have been so approved, the deputy director may authorize the manufacturer to have printed thereon a statement of its capacity in terms of Massachusetts standard liquid measure and with such other words and marking as the deputy director may require. Such cartons shall be legal measure only for such commodities as may be designated by the deputy director and shall be exempt from the laws requiring the sealing of measures.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015