General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 98 Weights and Measures - Section 47 Annual testing of apothecaries’ weights and measures; sealing; graduated glass measures; approval; designating marks; revocation of authority

Section 47. Apothecaries and other persons dealing in or dispensing drugs, medicines or merchandise sold, dispensed or given away by apothecaries’ weights or by apothecaries’ liquid measure, shall, at least annually, cause the weights and measures so used to be tested and sealed by the sealer in the town where they do business; provided, that a graduated glass measure once sealed by a sealer, or by the manufacturer, need not be again sealed while remaining in the same condition as when first sealed. The deputy director shall establish specifications for graduated glass measures. When a representative sample of a graduated glass measure has been submitted to the deputy director and approved by him, as conforming to specifications, he shall assign a designating mark or number to be thereafter permanently affixed to such measures of the particular kind so approved. Graduated glass measures sealed by the manufacturer shall be marked with his name, initials or trade mark and by other marks required by the deputy director. The deputy director may revoke the authority so given to any manufacturer under this section on proof that the authorized seal or designating mark has been affixed to a measure not conforming to the approved sample.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015