General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 98 Weights and Measures - Section 53 Marking devices with stencil; certificate; notice forbidding use; removal of notice

Section 53. If a sealer cannot seal any weighing or measuring device in the usual manner, he may mark it with a stencil or by other suitable means, showing that it has been inspected; and if a weighing or measuring device is so small as to render it impracticable to seal it in the usual manner, he shall give a certificate in a form approved by the director, specifying each such weighing or measuring device so tested; but he shall in no case seal or mark as correct weighing or measuring devices not conforming to the standards. If such weighing or measuring device can be readily adjusted by means at hand, he may adjust and seal it; but if not, he shall affix thereto a notice forbidding its use until he is satisfied that it conforms to the standards; and whoever removes said notice without the consent of such officer shall forfeit not more than five hundred dollars, to be equally divided between the town and the complainant.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015