Nevada Revised Statutes Section 172.175 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Matters into which grand jury shall and may inquire.

1. Each grand jury that is not impaneled for a specific limited purpose shall inquire into:

(a) The case of every person imprisoned in the jail of the county, on a criminal charge, against whom an indictment has not been found or an information or complaint filed.

(b) The condition and management of any public prison located within the county.

(c) The misconduct in office of public officers of every description within the county which may constitute a violation of a provision of chapter 197 of NRS.

2. A grand jury that is not impaneled for another specific limited purpose may inquire into any and all matters affecting the morals, health and general welfare of the inhabitants of the county, or of any administrative division thereof, or of any township, incorporated city, irrigation district or town therein.

Last modified: February 25, 2006