Nevada Revised Statutes Section 172.225 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Transcripts: Preparation; public record.

1. If an indictment has been found or accusation presented against a defendant, the stenographic reporter shall certify and file with the county clerk an original transcription of his notes and a copy thereof and as many additional copies as there are defendants.

2. The reporter shall complete the certification and filing within 10 days after the indictment has been found or the accusation presented unless the court for good cause makes an order extending the time.

3. The county clerk shall:

(a) Deliver a copy of the transcript so filed with him to the district attorney immediately upon his receipt thereof;

(b) Retain one copy for use only by judges in proceedings relating to the indictment or accusation; and

(c) Deliver a copy of the transcript to each defendant who is in custody or has given bail or to his attorney.

4. Any defendant to whom a copy has not been delivered is entitled upon motion to a continuance of his arraignment until a date 10 days after he actually receives a copy.

5. If several criminal charges against a defendant are investigated on one investigation and thereafter separate indictments are returned or accusations presented upon the several charges, the delivery to the defendant or his attorney of one copy of the transcript of the investigation is a compliance with this section as to all of the indictments or accusations.

6. Upon the filing of such a transcript with the county clerk, the transcript and any related physical evidence exhibited to the grand jury become a matter of public record unless the court:

(a) Orders that the presentment or indictment remain secret until the defendant is in custody or has been given bail; or

(b) Upon motion, orders the transcript and evidence to remain secret until further order of the court.

Last modified: February 25, 2006