Nevada Revised Statutes Section 172.267 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Report of grand jury: Scope; purpose; limitations.

1. A grand jury may issue a report concerning a matter into which it may lawfully inquire.

2. The report must be issued for the sole purpose of reporting on the matter. The report must not:

(a) Contain material the sole effect of which is to ridicule or abuse a person or otherwise subject him to public disgrace or embarrassment;

(b) Contain material which is personal in nature and does not relate to any lawful inquiry; or

(c) Accuse a named or unnamed person directly or by innuendo, imputation or otherwise of an act that, if true, constitutes an indictable offense unless the report is accompanied by a presentment or an indictment of the person for the offense mentioned in the report.

3. The judge impaneling a grand jury shall include the provisions of this section in his charge to the grand jury.

Last modified: February 25, 2006