Nevada Revised Statutes Section 173.045 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

District attorney or Attorney General to be informant; endorsement of names of witnesses; affidavits.

1. All informations must be filed in the court having jurisdiction of the offenses specified therein, by the Attorney General when acting pursuant to a specific statute or by the district attorney of the proper county as informant, and his name must be subscribed thereto by him or by his deputy.

2. The district attorney or the Attorney General shall endorse thereon the names of such witnesses as are known to him at the time of filing the information. He shall not endorse the name of any witness whom he does not reasonably expect to call.

3. In all cases in which the defendant has not had or waived a preliminary examination there must be filed with the information the affidavit of some credible person verifying the information upon the personal knowledge of affiant that the offense was committed.

Last modified: February 25, 2006