Nevada Revised Statutes Section 174.215 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Use of deposition.

1. At the trial or upon any hearing, a part or all of a deposition, so far as otherwise admissible under the rules of evidence, may be used if it appears:

(a) That the witness is dead;

(b) That the witness is out of the State of Nevada, unless it appears that the absence of the witness was procured by the party offering the deposition;

(c) That the witness cannot attend or testify because of sickness or infirmity;

(d) That the witness has become of unsound mind; or

(e) That the party offering the deposition could not procure the attendance of the witness by subpoena.

2. Any deposition may also be used by any party to contradict or impeach the testimony of the deponent as a witness.

3. If only a part of a deposition is offered in evidence by a party, an adverse party may require him to offer all of it which is relevant to the part offered and any party may offer other parts.

Last modified: February 25, 2006