Nevada Revised Statutes Section 175.361 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Offense committed in other county: Commitment to await warrant; admission to bail; transmittal of papers to district attorney of proper county; expense of transmission. If the offense was committed within the jurisdiction of another county of this state, the court may direct the defendant to be committed for such time as it deems reasonable, to await a warrant from the proper county for his arrest, or it may admit him to bail in an undertaking, with sufficient sureties that he will, within such time as the court may appoint, render himself amenable to a warrant for his arrest from the proper county; and, if not sooner arrested thereon, will attend at the office of the sheriff of the county where the trial was had, at a certain time particularly specified in the undertaking, to surrender himself upon the warrant, if issued, or that his bail will forfeit such sum as the court may fix, to be mentioned in the undertaking; and the clerk must forthwith transmit a certified copy of the indictment or information, and of all the papers filed in the action, to the district attorney of the proper county, the expenses of which transmission are chargeable to that county.

Last modified: February 25, 2006