Nevada Revised Statutes Section 175.387 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Misconduct of defendant; sanctions.

1. Whenever a defendant interferes with the orderly course of a trial by his disruptive, disorderly or disrespectful conduct, the court may:

(a) Order the defendant bound and gagged.

(b) Cite the defendant for contempt.

(c) Order the defendant removed from the courtroom and proceed with the trial.

2. No such order or citation shall issue except after the defendant has been fully and fairly informed that his conduct is wrong and intolerable and has been warned of the consequences of continued misconduct.

3. A defendant who has been removed from the courtroom may be returned upon his promise to discontinue such misconduct. If his misconduct continues after his return the court may proceed as provided in subsection 1.

Last modified: February 25, 2006