Nevada Revised Statutes Section 175.391 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Separation or custody of jury before submission. The jurors sworn to try a criminal action may, at any time before the submission of the case to the jury, in the discretion of the court, be permitted to separate, depart for home overnight or be kept in charge of a proper officer. Upon commencing deliberation, the jurors shall be kept in charge of a proper officer, unless at the discretion of the court they are permitted to depart for home overnight. When the jurors are kept together, the officer in charge shall keep the jurors in some private and convenient place and separate from other persons. He shall not permit any communication to be made to them, or make any himself, unless by order of the court, except to ask them if they have agreed upon their verdict. The officer shall not, before the verdict is rendered, communicate to any person the state of their deliberations or the verdict agreed upon. He shall return them into court when they have reached their verdict or when ordered by the court.

Last modified: February 25, 2006