Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176.045 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Imposition of concurrent or consecutive sentence on person under sentence in another jurisdiction.

1. Whenever a person convicted of a public offense in this State is under sentence of imprisonment pronounced by another jurisdiction, federal or state, whether or not the prior sentence is for the same offense, the court in imposing any sentence for the offense committed in this State may, in its discretion, provide that such sentence shall run either concurrently or consecutively with the prior sentence.

2. If the court provides that the sentence shall run concurrently, and the defendant is released by the other jurisdiction prior to the expiration of the sentence imposed in this State, the defendant shall be returned to the State of Nevada to serve out the balance of such sentence, unless the defendant is eligible for parole under the provisions of chapter 213 of NRS, and the Board of Parole Commissioners directs that he be released on parole as provided in that chapter.

3. If the court makes an order pursuant to this section, the clerk of the court shall provide the Director of the Department of Corrections with a certified copy of judgment and notification of the place of out-of-state confinement.

4. If the court makes no order pursuant to this section, the sentence imposed in this State shall not begin until the expiration of all prior sentences imposed by other jurisdictions.

Last modified: February 25, 2006