Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176.062 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Administrative assessment for felony or gross misdemeanor: Collection; distribution; limitations on use.

1. When a defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty of a felony or gross misdemeanor, the judge shall include in the sentence the sum of $25 as an administrative assessment and render a judgment against the defendant for the assessment.

2. The money collected for an administrative assessment:

(a) Must not be deducted from any fine imposed by the judge;

(b) Must be taxed against the defendant in addition to the fine; and

(c) Must be stated separately on the courtís docket.

3. The money collected for administrative assessments in district courts must be paid by the clerk of the court to the county treasurer on or before the fifth day of each month for the preceding month. The county treasurer shall distribute, on or before the 15th day of that month, the money received in the following amounts for each assessment received:

(a) Five dollars for credit to a special account in the county general fund for the use of the district court.

(b) The remainder of each assessment to the State Controller.

4. The State Controller shall credit the money received pursuant to subsection 3 to a Special Account for the Assistance of Criminal Justice in the State General Fund, and distribute the money from the Account to the Attorney General as authorized by the Legislature. Any amount received in excess of the amount authorized by the Legislature for distribution must remain in the Account.

Last modified: February 25, 2006