Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176.355 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Execution of death penalty: Method; time and place; witnesses.

1. The judgment of death must be inflicted by an injection of a lethal drug.

2. The Director of the Department of Corrections shall:

(a) Execute a sentence of death within the week, the first day being Monday and the last day being Sunday, that the judgment is to be executed, as designated by the district court. The Director may execute the judgment at any time during that week if a stay of execution is not entered by a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

(b) Select the drug or combination of drugs to be used for the execution after consulting with the State Health Officer.

(c) Be present at the execution.

(d) Notify those members of the immediate family of the victim who have, pursuant to NRS 176.357, requested to be informed of the time, date and place scheduled for the execution.

(e) Invite a competent physician, the county coroner, a psychiatrist and not less than six reputable citizens over the age of 21 years to be present at the execution. The Director shall determine the maximum number of persons who may be present for the execution. The Director shall give preference to those eligible members or representatives of the immediate family of the victim who requested, pursuant to NRS 176.357, to attend the execution.

3. The execution must take place at the state prison.

4. A person who has not been invited by the Director may not witness the execution.

Last modified: February 25, 2006