Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176.475 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Proceedings after investigation: Execution of judgment; suspension of execution; issuance of warrant on termination of pregnancy.

1. If it is found by the court that the female is not pregnant, the Director of the Department of Corrections must execute the judgment of death; but if a stay of execution has been granted pursuant to NRS 176.425 the procedure provided in NRS 176.445 is applicable.

2. If the female is found to be pregnant, the judge shall enter an order staying the execution of the judgment of death, and shall therein order the Director to confine such female in a safe place of confinement commensurate with her condition until further order of the court.

3. When such female is no longer pregnant, notice of this fact shall be given by the Director to a judge of the court staying the execution of the judgment. Thereupon the judge, upon being satisfied that the pregnancy no longer exists, shall enter an order vacating the order staying the execution of the judgment and shall direct the clerk of such court to serve or cause to be served three certified copies of such order, one on the Director, one on the Governor, for the use of the State Board of Pardons Commissioners, and one on the clerk of the district court of the county in which the conviction was had, who shall give notice thereof to the district attorney of such county, whereupon proceedings shall be instituted in the last mentioned district court for the issuance of a new warrant of execution of the judgment in the manner provided in NRS 176.495.

Last modified: February 25, 2006