Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176.545 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Procedure after allowance of arrest of judgment.

1. If, from the evidence on the trial, there is reasonable ground to believe the defendant guilty, and a new indictment, information or complaint can be framed upon which he may be convicted, the court may order him to be recommitted to the officers of the proper county, or admitted to bail anew to answer the new indictment, information or complaint.

2. If the evidence shows him guilty of another offense, he shall be committed or held thereon, and in neither case shall the verdict be a bar to another prosecution.

3. But if no evidence appear sufficient to charge him with any offense, he shall, if in custody, be discharged; or, if admitted to bail, his bail shall be exonerated; or, if money has been deposited instead of bail, it shall be refunded to the defendant, and the arrest of judgment shall operate as an acquittal of the charge upon which the indictment, information or complaint was founded.

Last modified: February 25, 2006