Nevada Revised Statutes Section 176A.610 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Duties of inquiring officer; determination; detention or residential confinement of probationer upon finding probable cause.

1. Upon completion of the inquiry, the inquiring officer shall:

(a) Make a written summary of what occurred at the inquiry, noting the substance of the evidence given to support a revocation of the probation and the probationerís position and responses.

(b) Determine whether there is probable cause to hold the probationer for a court hearing on revocation.

2. If the inquiring officer determines that there is probable cause:

(a) His determination is sufficient to warrant the continued detention of the probationer pending the courtís hearing; or

(b) The Chief Parole and Probation Officer may order the probationer to be placed in residential confinement in accordance with the provisions of NRS 176A.530 to 176A.560, inclusive.

Last modified: February 25, 2006