Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.388 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Presence of defendant.

1. Except as otherwise provided in this title, the defendant must be present at the arraignment, at every stage of the trial including the impaneling of the jury and the return of the verdict, and at the imposition of sentence. A corporation may appear by counsel for all purposes.

2. In prosecutions for offenses not punishable by death:

(a) The defendantís voluntary absence after the trial has been commenced in his presence must not prevent continuing the trial to and including the return of the verdict.

(b) If the defendant was present at the trial through the time he pleads guilty or is found guilty but at the time of his sentencing is incarcerated in another jurisdiction, he may waive his right to be present at the sentencing proceedings and agree to be sentenced in this State in his absence. The defendantís waiver is valid only if it is:

(1) Made knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily after consulting with an attorney licensed to practice in this State;

(2) Signed and dated by the defendant and notarized by a notary public or judicial officer; and

(3) Signed and dated by his attorney after it has been signed by the defendant and notarized.

3. In prosecutions for offenses punishable by fine or by imprisonment for not more than 1 year, or both, the court, with the written consent of the defendant, may permit arraignment, plea, trial and imposition of sentence in the defendantís absence, if the court determines that the defendant was fully aware of his applicable constitutional rights when he gave his consent.

4. The presence of the defendant is not required at the arraignment or any preceding stage if the court has provided for the use of a closed-circuit television to facilitate communication between the court and the defendant during the proceeding. If closed-circuit television is provided for, members of the news media may observe and record the proceeding from both locations unless the court specifically provides otherwise.

5. The defendantís presence is not required at the settling of jury instructions.

Last modified: February 25, 2006