Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.3975 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Order for payment by defendant; remission of payment; disposition of amounts recovered; community service.

1. The court may order a defendant to pay all or any part of the expenses incurred by the county, city or state in providing the defendant with an attorney which are not recovered pursuant to NRS 178.398. The order may be made at the time of or after the appointment of an attorney and may direct the defendant to pay the expenses in installments.

2. The court shall not order a defendant to make such a payment unless the defendant is or will be able to do so. In determining the amount and method of payment, the court shall take account of the financial resources of the defendant and the nature of the burden that payment will impose.

3. A defendant who has been ordered to pay expenses of his defense and who is not willfully or without good cause in default in the payment thereof may at any time petition the court which ordered the payment for remission of the payment or of any unpaid portion thereof. If it appears to the satisfaction of the court that payment of the amount due will impose manifest hardship on the defendant or his immediate family, the court may remit all or part of the amount due or modify the method of payment.

4. The money recovered must in each case be paid over to the city, county or public defenderís office which bore the expense and was not reimbursed by another governmental agency.

5. Upon the request of a defendant, if the court finds that the defendant is suitable to perform supervised community service, the court may allow the defendant to pay all or part of any expenses incurred by the county, city or state in providing him with an attorney by performing supervised community service for a reasonable number of hours, the value of which would be commensurate with such expenses incurred. The community service must be performed for and under the supervising authority of a county, city, town or other political subdivision or agency of the State of Nevada or a charitable organization that renders service to the community or its residents. The court may require a defendant who requests to perform community service to deposit with the court a reasonable sum of money to pay for the cost of policies of insurance against liability for personal injury and damage to property or for industrial insurance, or both, during those periods in which he performs the community service, unless, in the case of industrial insurance, it is provided by the authority for which he performs the community service.

Last modified: February 25, 2006