Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.488 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Right to bail upon review; notice of application to be given district attorney.

1. Bail may be allowed pending appeal or certiorari unless it appears that the appeal is frivolous or taken for delay.

2. Pending appeal to a district court, bail may be allowed by the trial justice, by the district court, or by any judge thereof, to run until final termination of the proceedings in all courts.

3. Pending appeal or certiorari to the Supreme Court, bail may be allowed by the district court or by any judge thereof or by the Supreme Court or by a justice thereof.

4. Any court or any judge or justice authorized to grant bail may at any time revoke the order admitting the defendant to bail.

5. The court or judge by whom bail may be ordered shall require such notice of the application therefor as he may deem reasonable to be given to the district attorney of the county in which the verdict or judgment was originally rendered.

Last modified: February 25, 2006