Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.532 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Recommitment of defendant after having given bail or deposited money. The court to which the committing magistrate shall return the depositions and statement, or in which an indictment or information or an appeal is pending, or to which a judgment on appeal is remitted to be carried into effect, may, by an order to be entered on its minutes, direct the arrest of the defendant and his commitment to the officer to whose custody he was committed at the time of giving bail, and his detention until legally discharged, in the following cases:

1. When, by reason of his failure to appear, he has incurred a forfeiture of his bail, or of money deposited instead thereof, as provided in NRS 178.506.

2. When it satisfactorily appears to the court that his bail, or either of them, are dead, or insufficient, or have removed from the State.

3. Upon an indictment being found or information filed in the cases provided in NRS 173.175.

Last modified: February 25, 2006