Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.5694 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Harassment of victim or witness by employer; notification by prosecuting attorney of continuance of proceeding.

1. If it is difficult for such a victim or witness to assist in an investigation or cooperate with the prosecuting attorney because he is being harassed, intimidated or subjected to conflicting requirements by his employer, the prosecuting attorney, sheriff or chief of police shall, upon the written request of the victim or witness, intercede on his behalf to minimize any loss of pay or other benefits which would result from his assistance or appearances in court.

2. If a proceeding in court to which such a victim or witness has been subpoenaed will not go on as scheduled, the prosecuting attorney shall:

(a) Make a reasonable effort to notify him of that fact; or

(b) Provide a system of notification which allows the victim or witness to call by telephone and receive such information.

In any case, the prosecuting attorney shall, if the victim or witness so requests in writing and provides his current address, ensure that written notice is mailed to that address. If written notice would not be timely, the prosecuting attorney shall make a reasonable effort to notify the victim or witness by some other means.

Last modified: February 25, 2006