Nevada Revised Statutes Section 178.5696 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Separate waiting area; disposition of personal property; fees for testifying.

1. A court trying a criminal case shall provide victims and witnesses a secure waiting area which is not used by the members of the jury or the defendant and his family and friends.

2. A court or law enforcement agency which has custody of any stolen or other personal property belonging to such a victim or witness shall:

(a) Upon the written request of the victim or witness, make available to him a list describing the property held in custody, unless it is shown that the disclosure of the identity or nature of the property would seriously impede the investigation of the crime; or

(b) Return the property to him expeditiously when it is no longer needed as evidence.

3. The prosecuting attorney shall inform each such witness of the fee to which he is entitled for testifying and how to obtain the fee.

Last modified: February 25, 2006