Nevada Revised Statutes Section 179.105 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Retention of property taken on warrant by officer subject to court order; restoration of property to person from whom it was taken; technical irregularities will not quash warrant. All property or things taken on a warrant must be retained by an officer in his custody, subject to the order of the court to which he is required to return the proceedings before him, or of any other court in which the offense in respect to which the property or things are taken is triable. If it appears that the property taken is not the same as that described in the warrant, or that there is no probable cause for believing the existence of the grounds on which the warrant was issued, the magistrate shall cause it to be restored to the person from whom it was taken. However, no search warrant shall be quashed by any magistrate or judge within this State nor shall any evidence based upon a search warrant be suppressed in any criminal action or proceeding because of mere technical irregularities which do not affect the substantial rights of the accused.

Last modified: February 25, 2006