Nevada Revised Statutes Section 179A.090 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Prerequisite to dissemination of records; exceptions. No agency of criminal justice in Nevada may disseminate any record of criminal history which includes information about a felony or a gross misdemeanor without first making inquiry of the Central Repository, to obtain the most current and complete information available, unless:

1. The information is needed for a purpose in the administration of criminal justice for which time is essential, and the Central Repository is not able to respond within the required time;

2. The full information requested and to be disseminated relates to specific facts or incidents which are within the direct knowledge of an officer, agent or employee of the agency which disseminates the information;

3. The full information requested and to be disseminated was received as part of a summary of records of criminal history from the Central Repository within 30 days before the information is disseminated;

4. The statute, executive order, court rule or court order under which the information is to be disseminated refers only to information which is in the files of the agency which makes the dissemination;

5. The information requested and to be disseminated is for the express purpose of research, evaluation or statistical activities to be based upon information maintained in the files of the agency or agencies from which the information is sought; or

6. The information is requested by a compensation officer of the State Board of Examiners pursuant to NRS 217.090.

Last modified: February 25, 2006