Nevada Revised Statutes Section 179A.150 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Inspection and correction of information contained in record of criminal history.

1. The Central Repository and each state, municipal, county or metropolitan police agency shall permit a person, who is or believes he may be the subject of information relating to records of criminal history maintained by that agency, to appear in person during normal business hours of the agency and inspect any recorded information held by that agency pertaining to him. This right of access does not extend to data contained in intelligence, investigative or other related files, and does not include any information other than information contained in a record of criminal history.

2. Each such agency shall adopt regulations and make available necessary forms to permit inspection and review of information relating to other records of criminal history by those persons who are the subjects thereof. The regulations must specify:

(a) The reasonable periods during which the records are available for inspection;

(b) The requirements for proper identification of the persons seeking access to the records; and

(c) The reasonable charges or fees, if any, for inspecting records.

3. Each such agency shall procure for and furnish to any person who requests it and pays a reasonable fee therefor, all of the information contained in the Central Repository which pertains to the person making the request.

4. The Director of the Department shall adopt regulations governing:

(a) All challenges to the accuracy or sufficiency of information relating to records of criminal history by the person who is the subject of the allegedly inaccurate or insufficient record;

(b) The correction of any information relating to records of criminal history found by the Director to be inaccurate, insufficient or incomplete in any material respect;

(c) The dissemination of corrected information to those persons or agencies which have previously received inaccurate or incomplete information; and

(d) A time limit of not more than 90 days within which inaccurate or insufficient information relating to records of criminal history must be corrected and the corrected information disseminated. The corrected information must be sent to each person who requested the information in the 12 months preceding the date on which the correction was made, and notice of the correction must be sent to each person entitled thereto pursuant to NRS 179A.210, to the address given by each person who requested the information when the request was made.

Last modified: February 25, 2006