Nevada Revised Statutes Section 179C.170 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Registration information placed in separate file; inspection of information; information may be transmitted to certain agencies and persons.

1. The statements and fingerprints provided for in this chapter must at all times be kept by the sheriff or chief of police in a file separate and apart from other files and records maintained and kept by the sheriff or chief of police, and must not be open to inspection by the public, or by any person other than a regular law enforcement officer.

2. Copies of those statements and fingerprints may be transmitted to:

(a) The sheriff of any county in this state;

(b) The head of any organized police department of any municipality in this state;

(c) The head of any department of the State of Nevada engaged in the enforcement of any criminal law of this state;

(d) The Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board or any successor thereto;

(e) The head of any federal law enforcement agency;

(f) Any sheriff or chief of police of a municipality; or

(g) The head of any other law enforcement agency in any state or territory outside of this state, if a request is made in writing by such sheriff or other head of a law enforcement agency asking for the record of a certain person named therein, or for the record of a person whose fingerprints reasonably correspond with fingerprints submitted with the request, and stating that the record is deemed necessary for the use of that law enforcement officer or agency in or concerning the investigation of any crime, or any person who is accused of committing a crime, or any crime which is reported to have been committed, and further stating that the record will be used only for that purpose.

3. A sheriff or chief of police shall, upon the written request of a county clerk or registrar of voters, furnish him with a list containing the name and current address of the residence of each person required to register pursuant to this chapter.

Last modified: February 25, 2006