Nevada Revised Statutes Section 180.110 - Procedure in Criminal Cases

Collection of charges to counties for services.

1. Each fiscal year the State Public Defender may collect from the counties amounts which do not exceed those authorized by the Legislature for use of his services during that year.

2. The State Public Defender shall submit to the county an estimate on or before the first day of May and that estimate becomes the final bill unless the county is notified of a change within 2 weeks after the date on which the county contribution is approved by the Legislature. The county shall pay the bill:

(a) In full within 30 days after the estimate becomes the final bill or the county receives the revised estimate; or

(b) In equal quarterly installments on or before the 1st day of July, October, January and April, respectively.

The counties shall pay their respective amounts to the State Public Defender who shall deposit the amounts with the Treasurer of the State of Nevada and shall expend the money in accordance with his approved budget.

Last modified: February 25, 2006