New Jersey Revised Statutes § 1:6-3 - Notice Of Application For Passage Of Bill To Repeal Corporate Charter; Publication; Service On Corporation

1:6-3. Notice of application for passage of bill to repeal corporate charter; publication; service on corporation
The notice of intention to apply for the passage of a bill to repeal the charter of any corporation, or bill to repeal the charter and dispose of the property of any corporation, shall be given by publishing the same in a daily newspaper published in Trenton, for at least six consecutive days prior to the introduction of the bill, and by serving a copy of the notice upon the president, secretary, registered agent or a director of the corporation, if such officer or agent can be found within the state, and, if no such officer or agent can be found within the state, by personal service of such copy upon them or one of them out of the state, or by mailing a copy to them or one of them, directed to the residence or post-office address of such officer or agent, if known.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016