New Jersey Revised Statutes § 1:6-9 - Report By Comptroller Of Laws On Which Assessments Unpaid; Proclamation By Governor; Effect

1:6-9. Report by comptroller of laws on which assessments unpaid; proclamation by governor; effect
The comptroller of the treasury shall, during the month of July in each year, report to the governor or person administering the government every law, with its date of approval or passage, which has become inoperative or void by reason of nonpayment of the assessment levied pursuant to section 1:6-8 of this title, and the governor or person administering the government shall, upon receiving such report, forthwith issue his proclamation under the great seal of the state, setting forth the particulars of such report. The proclamation shall be filed by the secretary of state and be printed as required in the case of other proclamations. The proclamation, or a certified copy or a duly printed copy, shall be competent evidence in any court of the state that the laws therein enumerated have become inoperative and void, and no such law shall be received in evidence as a valid and operative law, unless proof shall be made to the satisfaction of the court that the assessment was in fact paid into the treasury within the time prescribed by said section 1:6-8.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016