New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:13-12.5 - Contracts For Sale Of Water; Duration; Repair And Reconstruction

13:13-12.5. Contracts for sale of water; duration; repair and reconstruction
Without limiting the powers herein granted to the Department of Conservation and Development it may, if it deems proper, enter into contracts for the sale, for industrial purposes, of water from the said canal but such contracts shall not exceed a duration of twenty-five years and which contracts may as a part thereof provide that the purchaser of such industrial water may repair, reconstruct, rehabilitate, improve and maintain certain parts of the canal and likewise require when such purchaser shall return to the canal the water developed for such industrial purposes in such condition as the department may require or determine and may likewise contract for the sale of such water for industrial purposes by the withdrawal from the canal either in pipeline, viaduct or other means of transmission to any convenient point within the Raritan basin; provided, however, that no contract for the sale of industrial water or the repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, maintenance and improvement of the said canal shall be entered into or let or awarded unless and until the Governor shall have approved thereof in writing.

L.1944, c. 272, p. 660, s. 5.

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