New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:18a-33 - Pinelands Development Credit Bank

13:18A-33. Pinelands Development Credit Bank
a. There is established in the Executive Branch of the State Government a public body corporate and politic, with corporate succession, to be known as the Pinelands Development Credit Bank. For the purpose of complying with the provisions of Article V, Section IV, paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, the bank is allocated within the Department of Banking, but notwithstanding that allocation, the bank shall be independent of any supervision or control by the department or by an officer or employee thereof, except as otherwise expressly provided in this act. The bank is constituted as an instrumentality of the State exercising public and essential governmental functions, and the exercise by the bank of the powers conferred by this act shall be deemed and held to be an essential governmental function of the State.

b. The bank shall be governed by a board of directors consisting of five ex officio members, or the designees thereof, as follows: the Commissioner of Banking, who shall serve as chairman; the Secretary of Agriculture; the Attorney General; the Commissioner of Environmental Protection; and the Chairman of the Pinelands Commission; and four members, each of whom shall be a resident of counties in the pinelands area, two to be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the President of the Senate, and two to be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the General Assembly. Designees of the five ex officio members shall have the power to vote in the absence of members.

L. 1985, c. 310, s. 4, eff. Aug. 28, 1985.

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