New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1b-15.112a - Board Of Trustees

13:1B-15.112a. Board of trustees
3. a. The powers and duties of the New Jersey Historic Trust shall vest in and be exercised by a board of 15 trustees, of whom three shall be the Administrator of the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office in the Department of Environmental Protection or such other representative of that department as may be designated by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection, the State Treasurer, and the Executive Director of the New Jersey Historical Commission in the Department of State or such other representative of that department as may be designated by the Secretary of State, or their respective designees, who shall serve ex officio, and 12 shall be citizens of the State, representing the several geographic regions of the State, to be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Citizen trustees shall possess a minimum of five years' experience in historic preservation, except this requirement shall not apply to any citizen trustee serving on the board on the date of enactment of P.L.1995, c.217 (C.13:1B-15.115f et al.) for the remainder of the unexpired term of that trustee.

b.Citizen trustees shall serve for three-year terms provided, however, that the terms of the four new trustees appointed pursuant to P.L.1995, c.217 (C.13:1B-15.115f et al.) shall begin in the same calendar year as the effective date of that act, and that two of those trustees first appointed shall be appointed for a two-year term and two shall be appointed for a one-year term. Each citizen trustee shall hold office for the term of the appointment and until a successor shall have been appointed and qualified. No citizen trustee may serve more than three consecutive terms, except this restriction shall not apply to terms either completed or commenced prior to the effective date of P.L.1995, c.217 (C.13:1B-15.115f et al.).

c.The trustees shall elect a chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, and assistant secretary.

d.Eight trustees shall constitute a quorum, and the concurrence of a majority of the quorum shall be necessary to validate all acts of the board.

L.1983,c.562,s.3; amended 1995, c.217, s.2; 1999, c.152, s.45.

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