New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1b-15.123 - Particular Powers

13:1B-15.123. Particular powers
The trust shall have power in particular:

(a) To accept gifts, legacies, bequests and endowments for any purpose which falls within that of the trust and, unless otherwise specified by the person making such a gift, legacy, bequest and endowment of money in furtherance of the trust, to invest the same in whole or in part in an interest-bearing trust account or general obligations of the State of New Jersey;

(b) To acquire and hold real and personal property and lands significant as natural areas, by gift, purchase, devise, bequest or by any other means, and to preserve, interpret and administer such properties; in the acquisition of such properties, to acquire properties deemed necessary for the proper use and administration of natural areas property;

(c) To apply all moneys, assets, property or other things of value it may receive as an incident to its operation to the general purpose of the trust;

(d) To cooperate with and assist, insofar as practicable, any agency of the State or any of its political subdivisions, and any private agency or person in furtherance of the purposes of the trust;

(e) To give any moneys or property held by the trust to the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection on behalf of the State, for the purpose of administering, operating or maintaining the natural areas programs of the State of New Jersey;

(f) To establish a stewardship program, comprising committees of volunteers under the direction and supervision of the board of trustees, and take all reasonable action necessary for maintenance of its property, and to employ such other employees and agents as may be required in its judgment to safeguard and maintain its lands, all without regard to the provisions of Title 11, Civil Service, of the Revised Statutes;

(g) To procure insurance against any losses in connection with its property, operations or assets, in such amounts and from such insurers as it deems desirable.

L. 1968, c. 425, s. 5, eff. Jan. 23, 1969. Amended by L. 1973, c. 64, s. 4, eff. March 22, 1973; L. 1986, c. 178, s. 4, eff. Dec. 9, 1986.

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