New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1b-17 - Veterans Loan Authority Transferred To Department; Powers And Duties

13:1B-17. Veterans loan authority transferred to Department; powers and duties
The veterans loan authority created by an act entitled "An act to provide for guaranteed or insured bank loans to certain war veterans for the purposes of establishing or re-establishing themselves in small businesses or professions, and of enabling them to purchase household furnishings and household appliances required by them for use in their homes, and providing appropriations therefor," approved April fourteenth, one thousand nine hundred and forty-four (P.L.1944, c. 126), as said title was amended by chapter one hundred twenty-one of the laws of one thousand nine hundred and forty-six, together with all of its functions, powers, duties, records and property is hereby transferred to the Department of Conservation and Economic Development established hereunder and is continued as a body politic and corporate therein, with corporate succession. The veterans loan authority shall have the same powers and duties and shall be subject to the same restrictions and limitations now prescribed by law with respect thereto. The functions, powers and duties of the veterans loan authority shall be exercised and performed through the Division of Veterans' Services in the department.

L.1948, c. 448, p. 1794, s. 19, eff. Oct. 25, 1948.

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