New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1e-211 - Dep Evaluation Demonstration Project; Report.

13:1E-211 DEP evaluation demonstration project; report.

4. a. The Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to State and federal law, and in consultation with manufacturers, retailers and distributors of computers and other electronic equipment, and environmental groups, shall organize and coordinate a cooperative public-private demonstration project to evaluate the practicability and feasibility of requiring the Statewide mandatory source separation and recycling of used computer monitors, used consumer electronic equipment or used television sets or other cathode ray tube-containing devices, found to be of particular concern to the department, as a means of encouraging the recycling rather than disposal of these items.

b.The department shall investigate the availability of, and apply for, funds available from the federal government, or any private or public source, to finance the costs of the demonstration project.

c.The department shall prepare and submit a report to the Governor, to the Legislature, and to the Chairmen of the Senate Environment Committee and the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee or their successor committees no later than two years following the effective date of this act. The report shall describe the progress of the demonstration project and shall include recommendations for further administrative or legislative action.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016