New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1e-42 - System For Interception, Collection And Treatment Of Leachates; Installation By 1980; Approval; Temporary Disposal Of Septage And Sewage Sludge At Designated Solid Waste Facilities

13:1E-42. System for interception, collection and treatment of leachates; installation by 1980; approval; temporary disposal of septage and sewage sludge at designated solid waste facilities
After March 15, 1980, no solid waste facility shall accept or receive for disposal, any hazardous waste, chemical waste, bulk liquid or pesticide unless such facility has installed a system for the interception, collection and treatment of any and all leachate generated at the facility, and has obtained approval from the department for the entire system. Requests for department approval may be in the form of an addendum to the registration statement submitted in accordance with section 5 (C. 13:1E-5) of the act to which this act is a supplement, shall be prepared by a New Jersey licensed professional engineer, and shall include detailed engineering drawings and specifications of the proposed system. In addition, requests for department approval shall specify the exact nature and quantity of the waste to be accepted at the facility, the method of handling and treating those wastes, and shall include proof that all necessary permits and licenses have been obtained for any discharge into the waters of the State.

Notwithstanding any provisions of this section to the contrary, the department may permit the temporary disposal of septage and sewage sludge at designated solid waste facilities, to the extent necessary to implement comprehensive plans and requirements for sludge management and septage management pursuant to law, and as necessary to meet short-term emergencies identified by the department. The permission shall be by written order fixing the date by which the disposal shall cease, which date shall be no later than March 15, 1981, in the case of septage and March 15, 1985 in the case of sewage sludge, and such date as the department deems reasonable in cases of emergency.

L.1976, c. 99, s. 5, eff. Oct. 7, 1976. Amended by L.1980, c. 9, s. 1, eff. March 14, 1980.

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